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Free Ear Training Tool

The distances between notes are called intervals.Here's how to recognize them just by listening.

Your ear is your most important instrument.

Whether you're a professional musician or an aspiring artist, it's the most valuable thing you have when it comes to creating music. It doesn't matter how many years of playing experience you have, how expensive your piano is, or even how skilled your fingers are on the keys. If you can't hear what you want to play, nothing else matters.

One of the most popular ear training methods is to identify intervals by association with songs.

Pick the song you recognize most for each ascending interval and descending interval.

Then press the "Make my chart" at the bottom to render your custom-designed intervals chart for saving, sharing or printing.

Pick the most recognizable song for every interval, going up and down


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See anything we missed?

Let me know if there's a song you think should be included in the Free Ear Training Tool